Sunday, August 05, 2007

mark holder ............. 2+2=5 ?????????

it appears that some people have jumped to the conclusion that the reason for me not recording the bets from mark holder is due to the recent results of the service and that mark asked me to stop reporting his bets due to this , thats understandable but totally wrong . mark would be totally happy for me to record his bets on my blog if i was member/subscriber of his service but due to my change in working enviroment this month that is no longer the case , nothing more nothing less .


ExSettler said...

Very glad that you have turned the corner and hope the recent successes continue apace.


well im not going to get too carried away , still a poor year but im not alone in that respect going by the emails and contact i have had , but im still in the game and if i can reach £20k by year end i,ll be pleased and relived , cheers exsettler , regards DD.

Orsen Kaht said...

Dirk, it's surely not a coincidence that the services and yourself seemed to have turned a corner recently, which has coincided with spell of more settled weather? I remember a quote from Howard Wright's "Bull" biography where the great PB said "I fear I shall never make a success of betting in the rain." Simple, but salient, perhaps?

Are you still as keen on the quality of the MH service? I recall you saying that you regarded this one as your 'flagship' service.

My instinctive feeling is that if the weather continues to be settled, all of the services you use (have used) will enjoy a rather better second half of the year.
Regards, Orsen.


hi orsen - i have commented on many occassions that i believe the unsettled weather and the poor performance of my services over the last 10 weeks or so were connected although the services themselves seemed to think otherwise, putting it down to the rub of the green or standard deviation and as you say a decent week of settled weather and ........ BINGO ! yes i still believe mark to be of the highest quality in his field and i expect his subscribers to reap the usual dividends come october and onwards when the nh season kicks into full swing and as for isiris i am really excited by his user friendly proposals and reduction in bets for 2008 and then we have optimum who have really done well showing over £4000 profit in recent weeks , still a long way to go go but im confident that andrew has turned the corner which will come as a relief to him and all his subscibers , all the best DD.